urgent projects:

(Updated March 2017)

We generally keep a running list of potential projects in a queue that we have in priority order, so that we can efficiently plan our programming and be aware of what is coming up next.  That being said, 'Need' in Guatemala is a moving target, and any project could come up urgently that bumps the rest of the queue down in priority.  
​Please enjoy this mural, which is one of many great results from our June 2016 project, Athentikos' I Am Art camp:

In late 2016 we fundraised for a food basket delivery service project.  This project took place earlier this year.  Look for pictures to be posted both here and on our Facebook page.

We received a request to build a home for a family of 8 in Jutiapa from this family's pastor.  God willing, we will be sending funds for this project at the end of March.  Please pray for God's preparation for the Lopez Gudiel family to receive the gift of their new home from Se Luz supporters and youth.  They were kicked out of the place they rented and were given land by another family member that measures 8m by 9m.  

To send a donation, either mail a check to:  Se Luz Ministries, Inc. 4325 Zachary Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55442, or CLICK HERE to give online.

Looking further into the future, we are (still working on) coordinating a large-scale collaboration with the Mayor's office of Santiago, Se Luz, and a bi-lingual

(Spanish and Kakchiquel) public school.  We have offered to build an addition that the school has asked for, if the city agrees to pay for it (this is the hang up).  
The most recent update on this project is that the school has requested an urgent project to build a security fence around the property.  The 

budget for this project is $2000, and the city says they have no funds available (typical).  This came up as a result of several break-ins at the

school and theft of property.  Given the urgency of the need, this project may bump other projects in our queue, but this all has yet to be 
discussed in the Se Luz Operations Committee, and of course, pass board approval.

Please join us in praying for this partnership, as well as a fruitful future working with city officials.

Lastly, I have challenged Romeo and our five youth leaders to come up with projects that are smaller in scale that would be good project for our youth leaders to lead. Perhaps an all city garbage clean up (which they Mayor has expressed a desire to do as well).  We want our youth leaders to practice the skills we are working with them to develop!  Stay tuned to see how this pans out.

Join us--Current opportunities to connect with se Luz:

(Updated March 2017)

  • Pray with us for effective Board leadership, for sufficient funding, for transformational programming for our youth and community, for appropriate collaboration among all stakeholders (donors, participants, leaders, Santiago city officials, community members, project beneficiaries, and business owners), and mostly that God's LIGHT would shine brightly through our work!
  • URGENT NEED:  Join us on the Board of directors!  Interested?  Contact Kali at kali@se-luz.org.  Specifically, we are still looking for a long term Treasurer, and would love to have a Pastor join us on the board.  Bi-lingual individuals are strongly encouraged to apply!
  • Help us get a foot in the door with your church!  Mention Se Luz to your church's missions board, pastor, or youth pastor.  We would happily entertain an invitation to come and speak about God's important work being done in Guatemala!
  • Talk to us about joining our trip to Guatemala in late Summer/Fall (2017).
  • Host a fundraising event to benefit Se Luz--There are tons of ideas for this, including:
    • Coordinate a profit-share night at a local fast-casual restaurant
    • Do a bake sale
    • Have a garage/rummage sale
    • Host a Se Luz dessert and stories evening in your home.  You invite the guests and provide the desserts and we'll come with stories and pictures!
  • Sign up at your bank for Monthly Giving.  It's easy to do and free of additional charges at most banks!  Ask us how:  kali@se-luz.org

our mission:

Many of the photos we share do not show our youths' smiling faces, but instead show them working hard on various tasks.  To the left, you see them installing a water line to an entire neighborhood which had been without water previously.  It is our mission to empower Guatemalan youth to be conduits of Jesus' light in their community.  The main method we have employed to achieve this is through acts of service to neighbor.  While almost nothing compares to the brightness of the joy shared through smiles and laughter, we believe that the selfless acts of service performed monthly by our youth are an even more powerful demonstration of God's love and light.  Why?  Because Jesus told us, during his Sermon on the Mount, 'You are the light of the world...Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven' (Matthew 5:14, 16).  Jesus didn't teach us that others see his light inside of us through our smiles (genuine and beautiful as they are), but through our good deeds. 
So even if you cannot make sense of what is being built in the photos that we share, know that it's ultimately community being built, and then look beyond that to see the good deeds being performed so selflessly, and join us in giving praise to our Father in heaven.

Se Luz Ministries, Inc.

Bringing the Light of Christ to Guatemala through Discipleship and Service